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Off-Road Riding Glove - Gray Off-Road Riding Glove - Gray Off-Road Riding Glove - Gray Off-Road Riding Glove - Gray
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Off-Road Riding Glove - Gray


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Off-Road Riding Glove - Gray


Product Description

Your hands represent the most critical touch point between you and your machine. These lightweight and extremely comfortable Polaris® Off-Road gloves deliver protection from flying debris, a confident and comfortable grip on the wheel or handlebars, and matching style with your favorite Polaris® Off-Road Jersey. The Lycra backside panels stretch to provide a comfortable fit that won’t bunch yet offers the flexibility needed for optimum control. An embossed knuckle system overlays these Lycra panels for added protection as do the Soft-Flex graphics. Each palm is lightly padded for comfort and to absorb high frequency vibrations. Integrated silicone finger grips add an extra level of control, especially in wet driving conditions. An adjustable wrist closure secures the gloves when fastened while allowing for easy removal when the day’s ride is over.